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Cubebrush PBR Archviz Asset Pack

I had the idea to do a simple French Bistrot scene, but it grew and became it's own asset pack!It's made in Unreal 4, the models are game-ready.The textures as displayed are at source size (2k and 4k) but can be downsized in the engine depending on what you want to use it for.

Cubebrush PBR Archviz Asset Pack

This pack includes a variety of wooden houses with both wooden and clay roof options. All assets are fully modular, allowing for endless possibilities in building your game or video world. Models and textures are perfect for use in video games, architectural visualizations, and promotional videos. The pack includes a wide range of house types, such as small cottages, large estates. The wooden and clay roof options offer a unique and realistic touch to your environments. With this asset pack, you'll be able to easily create beautiful and detailed environments for your game or video project. Additionally, the pack includes various tree and grass variations to enhance the realism of your environment and bring it to life. This pack is an essential for any game developer looking for good-quality, modular buildings.

Create your own personal hell using these crumbling walls, piles of rubble and skeletal remains. This is a small, affordable collection of professionally crafted assets that you can add to your Unreal or Unity project. These packs are meant to save your artists from having to build every little detail in a scene and use their time for something more valuable- like iconic vistas or hero props.

Who: DvizWhat: All products (3D plants for Unreal Engine)When: 22-30 NovemberDiscount: 50%Save money on Dviz 3D asset packs for Unreal Engine

Who: Escape MotionsWhat: Selected products (asset packs for Flame Painter and Rebelle)When: Black Friday Cyber MondayDiscount: 30%Save money on assets for Escape Motions software

Who: ReallusionWhat: Selected ActorCore assets (stock mocap clips, 3D characters)When: Until 30 NovemberDiscount: Up to 60% (packs of 3D characters)Save money on ActorCore 3D characters


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