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Country Boy By Azov Films

Apart from the children involved in the production of the Azov films, 386 children were said to have been rescued from exploitation by purchasers of the films. In Canada alone, 24 were rescued[citation needed] while six were rescued in Australia.[citation needed] "More than 330 children"[19] were stated to have been rescued in the US. This high number has been questioned, since full details of the charges for 54 of the total of 76 arrests in the US had been publicly released as of 14 November 2013, and these details account for fewer than 15 persons exposed as children to current or historical sexual contact.[citation needed] An additional 75 to 100 children were surreptitiously indecently photographed, mostly by two arrested men who were school employees. The definition of "rescued child" used was that "the children were either being sexually abused or they were being sexually exploited by having videos taken of them in exploitative positions."[20] The 'exploitative positions' always included nudity or genital exposure.

Country Boy By Azov Films

We start with the evidence the government provided about what Silva would have encountered on the Azov website when he placed his orders. There was testimony that indicated a customer perusing the Azov Films' website would encounter a brief description of the material for sale. The jurors were then presented with the website pages for the films listed in the indictment.

In addition, the website pages included descriptions that conveyed that these specific films would show the boys engaging in various types of activities but without offering any semblance of a plot or storyline. And the descriptions for each of the films went on to describe the activities in which the boys would be engaging using language that the jury clearly could have perceived as indicating the presence of sexually explicit content.5

Given the cumulative force of these reasons, a rational jury could have concluded beyond a reasonable doubt that Silva had knowledge that the contents of the materials he ordered and received were of a kind that would bring such materials within the Act's coverage, whether or not Silva knew at that time that such contents rendered the films contraband as a legal matter. The District Court therefore did not err in denying Silva's motion for a judgment of acquittal.


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