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Bates Motel [UPD]

After the death of her husband, Norma travels from Arizona to White Pine Bay, Oregon, where she purchases an old motel with the hope that she can run it and provide a better life for her son. Norma is a single mom who, despite her ferocity, bravery, and determination, can't help feeling helpless and alone at times, especially after the constant misfortunes that come her way. While she dotes on Norman, she has trouble nurturing his independence and letting him be around others. Her abusive childhood has led her to be naturally distrustful of others, especially her new neighbors in White Pine Bay, which makes her feel like an outsider.

Bates Motel

Alex Romero is the sheriff of White Pine Bay and came into the Bates' lives after the death of the motel's former proprieter. Despite the widespread corruption in town, he tries his best to maintain order while being a fair law enforcement official. He has a quiet, contemplative presence but will not hesitate to put you in your place if you disrespect him. Romero has romantic feelings for Norma, much to Norman's disapproval and extreme jealousy. Despite Romero trying to win Norman over and act as a sort of father figure to him, Norman sees him as a threat and someone who will take his mother (and her attention) away from him. Romero later becomes aware of Norman's mental health issues, leading him to be suspicious of Norman's actions and worry for Norma's safety.

When Bates Motel introduced Rihanna as Marion Crane, fans expected Rihanna's character to meet the same fate. The series switched it up though, and the results couldn't have been better. While Marion does take a shower in the motel room, Norman spares her life. He even helps her pack her bags and gives her advice about how to run off with the money she stole. Of course, mother isn't happy. But mother eventually gets what she wants when Sam Loomis enters Marion's abandoned room.

It's safe to say that Norman will continue unraveling as the fifth and final season progresses. A preview for episode seven of Bates Motel shows Madeleine Loomis going to the motel to search for her husband. It's there that she'll run into Dylan, who is desperate to confront Norman about their mother's death.

The city was set to demolish the raggedy motel in 2009, but developers Frost/Chaddock bought the property with the intention of putting one of a trio of mixed-users on the site. F/C was a big supporter of the artwork and Lamouroux. Eventually, Frost/Chaddock will demolish the great white hotel to make way for the largest of its three planned developments: a 122-unit building with almost 5,000 square feet (combined) of retail and restaurant space, a 4,519-square-foot gym/recreational space for residents, and 165 parking spaces in two levels of underground parking.

The Bates Motel is a fictional motel situated approximately 20 miles from the town of Fairvale, California, on an old highway and first seen in Alfred Hitchcock's 1960 film Psycho. The motel has an adjoining house set on higher ground behind the main office and cabins, where Norman Bates lives in solitude with his mother, Norma Bates.

According to Robert Bloch's source novel, it was originally built when Norma's fiancée Joe Considine persuaded her to sell the farmland she owned and build a motel on the land between the family house and the highway. When a new highway opened, with a junction to the old highway approximately 30 miles away, the number of visitors to the motel declined sharply.

The motel and house seen in the film were created by production designers Joseph Hurley and Robert Clatworthy and built for just $15,000 on vacant land next to Laramie Street[1] on the Universal Studio lot. Clatworthy latter recalled:

In 1987, accountant Randy Bates opened a motel in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, which he named "The Bates Motel". According to an article written about the motel, visitors can rent a copy of Psycho to watch in their cabin.[7]

The Bates Motel in Idaho started out as a barracks for officers before and after World War II. After the war, the property was sold and was turned into a motel, The Roadway Inn. After quite some years, it was purchased by Mr. Randy Bates, a prominent accountant in the local area. It was renamed The Bates Motel even before the movie psycho was released. The release of the movie actually helped the hotel get more visitors. However, there were also lots of people who made prank calls to the hotel.

There are also a couple of surprises, including regarding the characters that appear in Psycho, such as Marion Crane's check-in in the motel. This was a moment that fans were waiting for, and still, the writers were able to surprise everyone with the outcome of the character.

After murdering his mother, Norman becomes grief-stricken and denies her death, even going as far to take her corpse to the motel. He becomes more isolated as a result, causing his further mental decline, suffering from more frequent blackouts and hallucinating Dr. Edwards. However, Norman starts to realize his mental instability, and attempts to atone by having himself be arrested to prevent anyone else from getting hurt. His self-realization causes him to become suicidal, as he allows himself to be killed by Dylan, whom he thanks before passing on.

Uprooting Alfred Hitchcock's infamous mother-son duo and transplanting them to modern times, BATES MOTEL reimagines the backstory of Psycho's Norman Bates (Freddie Highmore) and his mother, Norma (Vera Farmiga), as a twisted tale of secrets and lies. The story picks up when Norma drags her son to the coastal town of White Pine Bay, where she buys a motel and makes plans to build a new life after the death of her husband. But once there, they must turn to murder to protect what's theirs. 041b061a72


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